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Suomen Ortopediyhdistys SOY / Finnish Orthopaedic Association FOA


Finnish Orthopaedic Association was founded 03-17-1951.

The association has over the years developed into Finland's largest specialty association in the field of surgery.

Number of members is 652 (November 2016).

SOY's goal is to combine the Orthopaedics and Traumatology doctors interested in promoting the development and research in the field in Finland.

SOYs most important event is held in November Annual Meeting Presentations.

In 2014, the annual meeting was held in the context of Orthopaedics and Traumatology days.

In addition, every two years, will be held in the spring of Lapland course, the content of which is directed in particular to doctors specializing in orthopedics.

Every other january held in the Austrian course. SOY's spring meeting will be held in the spring University of localities usually every two years.

SOYs own member publications is 2 to 4 times a year, SOT-Journal. SOY member benefits include the Acta Orthopaedic magazine, a leading publication in the field of orthopedics Scandinavian.

SOY share revenue resulting from operation of an association to its members in the form of travel grants.

SOY participates in an association with other larger orthopedic ceiling organizations.

The most important are the Scandinavian-Estonian-Dutch NOF and the European EFORT.


Mäkelänkatu 2, P. O. Box 49
Helsinki, Uusimaa 00501

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