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Never struggle finding an orthopaedic seminar again!

Orthopaedic Seminars is the number one source to find orthopedic meetings and seminars. 

We have carefully added over 1000 societies and over 500+ seminars to an easy to read calendar which you can search based on several filters.

  In this membership we are offering to teach you something you don't know today.

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Orthopaedic Doctors

We are here because of YOU !!!

1. We offer you all your meetings worldwide in One Location, Format and Login.

2. We will always listen to your Medical Meeting Needs and Act on it.

3. We will find Societies and Device CEO's that want to talk with YOU.

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Phase 1

Orthopaedic Related Societies

Thinking about the End Users

1. We offer you the option of listing your information via your own Society Admin Membership position.

2. We will help smaller Societies in New Ways of Meeting Success with our relationship.

3. We will introduce you to Our Membership.

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Phase 2

Medical Device CEO

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

1. We offer you the option of listing your workshops and labs via your own Admin Membership position.

2. We will expand your Markets and Relationships.

3. We offer Private Orthopaedic Business Intelligence for the CEO.

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Phase 3

We Will be Offering Different Membership Levels as Shown Below.